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. >>> and kim lawton on a group trying to document every house of worship in new york city, block by block. >> major funding for "religion and ethics weekly" is profounded by lilian, dedicated to the founders' interest in religion and education. additional funding also provided by mutual of america. designing customized individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. and the corporation for public broadcasting. >> welcom i'm bob abeeth it's good to have you with us. anticipation is growing over the selection of the next pope, following pope benedict xvi's surprise announcement that he is retiring. at one of his final public appearances, benedict asked for prayers for himself and his successor. he then entered a week long retreat amid wide speculation that the papal conclave might begin before march 15th, giving the cardinals more time to select the next pope before holy week. meanwhile, some american catholics are demanding cardinal roger mahony not attend the conclave because of his role in the clergy sex abuse crisis. recently released documents show t
to exhaust every possible option to secure abedini's release. >>> we have a special report today on the city in the u.s. that has become nearly as identified with evangelical protestants as rome is with catholics or mecca, with muslims. it is colorado springs, colorado, where our correspondent saul gonzales found that the most prominent religious institution there, focus on the family, is trying to soften its image as an ultra-conservative leader in the culture wars. >> reporter: with pike's peak as a backdrop, the citizens of colorado springs aren't shy about telling visitors about what makes their community so special. there's the u.s. olympic training center, and the united states air force academy, historic neighborhoods with fine old homes, and lots of ways to enjoy a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. however among many american christians, colorado springs is also known for something else, as an epicenter of evangelical faith and activism. that's partly because of the high-profile mega-churches in the community, but mostly because of the sheer number of i national evangelical christian group
is an even bigger problem. and how one major city wants to put those old phone booths back to work and how high-tech can make a big city run better. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program. "on the money." now, maria bartiromo. >>> as we head into a new week, the fed spoke, the market shook. the federal reserve releasing minutes this week showing it is considering a slow down of the bond buying program. fed members were concerned about the possibility of inflation and of expanding its balance sheet even further. the markets did not like that. the index is having one of the worst days of the year on wednesday. the dow falling triple digits. office depot and office max will be walking down the merger aisle. the two announced a merger to create a company worth about one and a quarter billion dollars. it will likely be able to cut costs and increase sales by closinging underperforming stores. some important companies are still reporting. dell beat expectations as did hewlett-packard and walmart. aig came in ahead as well. gas prices are at a four
idea but should he try to stop it. plus new york city's murder rate hit a 50 year low but the policy is still under fire. to stop and frisk be soon a thing of the past? and the return of the hollywood black list. campaign against zero dark 30. >> paul: welcome, i'm paul gigot. with days to go president obama turned up the heat on republicans this week saying they would be to blame if across the board spending cuts take affect march 1st. appearing on police officers and firefighters and other first responders, he claimed the consequences of such cuts would be dire. >> people will lose their jobs. it will jeopardize our military readiness. it will eviscerate investments and thousands will be laid off. tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. >> paul: but in an op-ed john boehner shot back saying the sequester was the white house's idea in the first place and product of his president obama's failed leadership. joining us is dan henninger. jason riley and washington columnist kim strausel. let's start with the merits and the claims of catastro
'd segregation between school districts on long island. .. >> host: when you were bussed into the inner city, did you have a particularly sort of strident stance on the question of desegregation, the question of school integration? >> guest: i think as kids, you don't think about it. looking bag, i mean, even when i was reading back at the reaction for kids in the 70s when they started busing the kids, said, you know, i like it at the school, and they didn't think about it. it was the same way for me, but as we got older, i started to think about not only going to schools and being surrounded by poverty that i didn't see in the neighborhood in the suburbs, that's, you know, that's definitely eye opening, but at the same time, the schools that i attended, there was tracking so you had the regular program honors, and you had the advanced program, and those were cut very closely along in the class lines, and as a kid, you absorb that and think about it, and i remember being in high school and one of the only classes i took where television mixed between the tracks, it was a global studies course, i
cities, graffiti is often a sign of vandalism, but i'll tell you why this graffiti is a sign of political freedom as well as a heartfelt tribute to the man who wrote "give peace a chance." >> the answer is "live free or die." the question is, which state? >> i'll tell you how a gospel-music program for teens is helping to change lives. >> ♪ this little light of mine >> that and more, next on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> hard as it might be to believe, many foods you love to eat could be dangerous to some of your friends. tyler reports on the rising risk of food allergies. >> ♪ onto your hand ♪ and can't you hold back? >> meet heather braverman. she's a singer and actress with a promising career. she's been on tv, in a movie, and on stage at american girl place. but life's not all bright lights and applause. heather lives in constant danger of foods that can make her very sick. >> i'm allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish, and i found out when i went to an ice-cream store when i was really
city, where more than 100,000 gathered in stst. peter's square to hear pope benedict read the angelus to the faithful one final time. anne thompson joins us. the world just saw benedict xvi on that balcony window for the last time. what's the mood been there to y today? >> reporter: i think a lot of gratitude and also sadness to see him retire. but peoplens why he wants to retire. he's 85. he told the crowd that he's not going to abandon the church, alex. he said that in instead god has asked him to lave life of more prayer and meditation, and he says that's more appropriate for someone of his age and his strengths. >> yeah. you know, not to besmirch all this, but there were some reports circulating in some italian papers about blackmail being a reason why the pope was stepping down. how does the vatican address that? >> the vatican has come back very strongly against those reports, alex. they were in a paper called la republica this past week. and the vatican took the unusual step yesterday, the vatican secretary of state, of calling -- of issuing a statement calling the situation b
york city, take newman's postal truck and they could save then on transportation, and drive the bottles and cans to michigan where they pay higher for the recycle rate. >> alisyn: ten cents per bottle. >> clayton: and this ended up being a funny episode. take a look. >> and mi 10 cents. >> that's michigan, michigan you get 10 cents. >> 10 cents? >> yeah, wait a minute, 5 cents here and 10 cents there, you could round up bottles here and-- >> that doesn't work. >> you overload your inventory and blow your margins on gasoline, it doesn't work. >> you're not talking that michigan deposit bottle scam. >> no, no, i'm off that. >> you are. >> oh, yeah, everywhich way, couldn't crunch the numbers, drove me crazy. >> alisyn: life is now imitating art. or that was art imitating life, i don't know, this is happening in michigan people from other states are driving in their bottles to collect and it's bankrupting michigan. >> tucker: well, basically eastern michigan is bankrupt anyway, this is what you get passing a dumb law like this, aluminum and glass, are valuable for licensing, and you don't
to the movie. tony kushner of course lives in new york city, recipient of tube tube -- a pulitzer prize, a tony award, an enemy and critics choice for best adapted screenplay and of course he's up for an oscar in just nine days. and frankly it should win because it made a different statement than anyone else has and all these years on lincoln on film. and it made the biggest difference i think than other films in their own genre have the same impact as this one does. he is the author of -- co-edited maurice sendak angels in americd caroline or change. his screenplays include steven spielberg's -- in today's book is the screenplay for the lincoln movie and a forward by doris kearns goodwin the communications group publishes it, 164 pages, $34 for costs and $15.90 for the paper book and you can order while we are laying -- live and we will have signed copies for you. as well we have harold holzer, his third or fourth time on, senior vice president for internal affairs at the metropolitan museum of art and cochair of the lincoln bicentennial commission, may it rest in peace. has authored or co-aut
. still to come, my "2 cents more" on something new new york city mayor bloomberg is doing right. and our oster coverage continues with the most important thing about sunday. the fashion. we will have a preview of what you can expect when stars like and has a we hit the red carpet. stay with us. gerri: forget to take some the awards. what will the biggest stars where? ♪ gerri: in fashion tonight, the academy awards. who you are wearing will be the most asked question. we can give you a preview of what your favorite stars might be wearing. with more on this, style expert. thank you for coming in. great to have you here. this will be the most fun thing that we all night. let's start with this basic trends. what are you seeing? >> having spoken to all of my friends out in l.a. and a lot of the designers, it is all about drama. that is the big word of the season. embellishment a color. we have seen a lot of raids. emerald green, drama, drama, drama. red we have seen across the board. oxblood to foreign red. every majorctress has already warning once leading up to it. gerri: let's drill dow
to the movie. tony kushner lives in new york city, the recipient of a pulitzer prize, two tony awards, an emmy, the critics choice for best adapted screen play and up for an oscar in just nine days, and frankly, it should win. we here think it should because it made a different statement than anyone else has in all these years on lincoln on film, and made the biggest difference, i think, than other films that don't have the same impact as this one does. the author -- co-ed debted wrestling, home body kabul, and caroline or change hitches screen plays including angels in america, munich, and today's book is the screen play for the lincoln movie, and it's a forward by goodwin, the communication groups publishes. 164 pages, you can order while we're live or later on as well. we'll have signed copies for you. as well we have harold holzer, co-chair of the u.s. lincoln bicentennial commission, me ad rest in peace, has co-authored 44 book0s 'lincoln and is a specialist on lincoln and the go-to guy for the media for anything lincoln and has a nice artifact collection in fact. he won the lincoln prize
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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